Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meditation on Inner Treasure~ Relics of The Sea

Evocative of a world of voyaging, treasure, and discovery, Relics of the Sea addresses a mystical as well as a decorative perspective. Subtle lighting and gradated color give the painting a misty, mysterious essence. This silvery, pensive quality of the light invites revelation.

Voyager of the collective unconscious, Carl Jung believed that our dreams showed us parts of the mind that are hidden and need to be brought into conscious recognition. He noted that fairy tales and myths expressed this deep need. Myths of the sea tell tales of voyagers, lulled into battle with mysterious forces and angry Gods, emerging as triumphant heroes. In the depths of the sea, discoveries are made and priceless treasures are uncovered.

In Relics of The Sea, my intention was to go beyond the decorative, to fathom a deep level of attention and open an unconscious awareness. The layers of woven color and gentle pendulum-like movements of the eye through the painting’s composition sooth us and give rhythm to our breathing. Round, transparent glass floats, etched by their journey, focus our attention and invite us to dwell deeper within. Accents of the various object's edges build cyclical patterns, symbolizing mythical rather than linear time. The mood evoked is contemplative; a design for introspection and self-discovery.

Melody Phaneuf is a Boston artist, working at historic Fenway Studios. She resides in Gloucester, Ma, where, the enchantment of the sea captivates her imagination.

Relics of The Sea, oil painting by Melody Phaneuf, 32 x 24

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