Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dawn, Bass Rocks

Transition. Nature is waking up; the delicate pink of the early morning skies are lightly tinged with diaphanous orange, a glowing promise of warmer days to come. This scene is why I call Gloucester home; I remain in the alluring contrast of rugged coast against ethereal skies and ever-changing sea.

At dawn, Bass Rocks frames a gentle sea but the granite teeth expose the ocean’s many moods. It is a delightful place to paint at the moment; tranquility dominates. I am reminded of a name from a childhood spent with mythology books—Genius Loci— there is a spirit here, animating this place and I am bonded to it as I paint.

We have filled the empty spaces of the landscape as quickly as possible with things~ buildings, shopping plazas, harsh lighting. As convenient as that may seem, it has done much to desensitize us to the wild beauty of the world. Bass Rocks, Gloucester remains a sacred place, likely protected by the Spirits we’ve forgotten.

Melody Phaneuf is an award-winning artist, painting on location in Gloucester and at Fenway Studios in Boston, which, she deems a perfect balance. She is a regular exhibitor at Northshore Arts in Gloucester and The Guild of Boston Artists, Boston.

Dawn, Bass Rocks~ Oil Painting by Melody Phaneuf, 20 x 16

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