Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunflowers of Dordogne

I have spent some of my happiest moments painting in France. Waves of sunflower fields are in bloom in southern France from late June to early July. It is a heady experience to be surrounded with so much yellow joy.

This was a breezy day, with crisp blue skies and fat cumulus clouds, the cause of shadows skipping over hillsides. The combination of a high major key, and range of color from cool blue to warm yellow punctuated with a bit of red does much to buoy one’s spirits. Bobbing sunflowers and gentle rocking composition animate the canvas and sway us toward delight.

As I contemplate Sunflowers of Dordogne II, I step into that experience again. I am standing in the field, bathed in warmth of the French sun, a perfect antidote to shoveling snow.

Sunflowers of Dordogne II, Oil Painting by Melody Phaneuf, Private Collection

Tile Murals, Coasters and Open Edition Prints of Sunflowers of Dordogne II at

Melody Phaneuf is a member of Fenway Studios Cooperative, a community of Boston artists whose historic north light building was modeled on the 19th century Parisian Ateliers. Studio visits are welcomed.

Melody's paintings have been exhibited at Galerie Herouet in Paris, The National Arts Club in New York City, and were included in a traveling exposition in Japan. Her work is regularly displayed at the Guild of Boston Artists, 162 Newbury Street, Boston, MA.

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Kristi said...

That is so pretty!! I wish I could see the field in real life! I love it!!

MelodyTheArtist said...

Kristi, thanks for your comment. I hope I can see it again very soon. It's a heavenly place! Melody