Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Affordable Art ~In The Arts & Crafts Tradition

Botticino Marble becomes the canvas for Boston Artist, Melody Phaneuf
Tile Beverage Coasters, Gift Boxed at MelodyTheArtist.com

After thirty years of making art at Fenway Studios, I’ve become one of the many threads woven into the fabric of Arts & Crafts lineage displayed by the architecture of our venerable building.

The Arts & Crafts Movement began in late 19th century England, and was largely a reaction to the industrial manufacturing of goods. There was a sense that industrialization threatened to create a soulless world. Mass production was certain to dull the senses with visual monotony and lack of variation. Hand crafted goods, simplicity of design, and beauty in the environment were the banner of the Arts & Crafts Movement.

Though noble in its aspirations, the Arts & Crafts Movement fell short in its homeland. The cost of hand-hewn goods was prohibitive for all but the wealthiest class. It took American ingenuity to advance a unique combination of machined elements and hand finish. Machine production of core aspects defrayed costs and made them affordable to the middle class.

Such innovations gave rise to the workshops of Gustave Stickley, Rookwood Pottery, and Roycroft Press. It was a time of great aesthetic awareness and appreciation of honest craft and simple beauty.

I view the Arts & Crafts Movement as part of my heritage and take pride in creating a line of affordable art. Fine Art tiles, prints, and handmade note cards are little touches of artistry, well within the reach of all. It is my belief that everyone deserves to live with beauty.

Boston Artist, Melody Phaneuf is well known for her evocative still life, landscape, and portrait paintings. Phaneuf’s paintings are regularly on view at The Guild of Boston Artists, 162 Newbury Street; at Fenway Studios, Boston by appointment; and North Shore Art in Gloucester from May through October. Phaneuf has exhibited her paintings at The National Arts Club in New York City, Galerie Herouet in Paris, and with Art du Monde, in Japan.

Melody The Artist Home
, founded with photographer and color specialist, Martha DiMeo showcases Phaneuf’s original paintings on tumbled marble tile murals and coasters, fine art prints, and handmade note cards.

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