Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time of Seasonal Light

Season of Light, 30 x 25 oil painting by Boston Artist, Melody Phaneuf

Afterglow. An appealing balance of warm and cool, light and shadow, and the variety of threadbare trees dancing in the sun make this time of the year a visual delight. All things seem to smile in the contentment of temporal balance.

In Gloucester, it is a magical time, quiet except for Nature’s presence. I feel engaged with the landscape during these intervals; we are in dialog about our existence here while recollecting eternity. This world is about movement and the thrill of change, the vibrations of sound and light.

What joy it is to paint landscape here, by the slow and steady rhythm of the sea. I watch the final stretch of the trees, along with an audience of charmed white houses. We are bonded in our experience, part of the continuity illuminated by the seasonal glow. I am called to chronicle this moment for others and to remember its brief existence in time.

Season of Light, 30 x 25 landscape painting of Gloucester by Melody Phaneuf

Boston Artist, Melody Phaneuf is well known for her evocative still life, landscape, and portrait paintings. Phaneuf’s paintings are regularly on view at The Guild of Boston Artists, 162 Newbury Street; at Fenway Studios, Boston by appointment; and North Shore Art in Gloucester from May through October. Phaneuf has exhibited her paintings at The National Arts Club in New York City, Galerie Herouet in Paris, and with Art du Monde, in Japan.

Melody The Artist Home, founded with photographer and color specialist, Martha DiMeo showcases Phaneuf’s original paintings on tumbled marble tile murals and coasters, fine art prints, and handmade note cards.

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