Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paying Homage To The Oracle

Uncertain times. The news is discouraging. Leaders arm-wrestle over stimulus plans and nuclear arms. I listen to financial and political analysts; I overhear conversations. Just now, I am within earshot of a group of teenagers in intense discussion. The answer to all our economic woe is revealed. Of course! They know everything after all, but they have yet to live in their car, as does Henrietta Hughes, who, just yesterday, threw herself on the mercy of President Obama.

Indecision wracks us all, causing sleepless nights and distracted days. I am intrigued by the historical use of oracles to resolve dilemmas. What mechanism of mind or will allows one to believe in the certainty of this answer? Why does the tossing of a coin, lighting of a candle, or shuffling of the deck ease the burden of decision?

We have our present-day Oracles. I recall a radio interview with a Major Ed Dames, former CIA guru of “remote viewing” during the cold war with Russia in the 50’s. The interview was a couple of years ago, when the real estate market was cooling off a bit. “Total world economic collapse coupled with worldwide pandemic,” he prophesied. Stocks were soaring then; the Major was obviously eccentric, but I am now taking vitamins, just in case.

The painting entitled Oracle pays homage to the idea that focusing on something external can unlock an internal gate, where the roadmap to destiny lies hidden. Deep, absorbent blue and dazzling golden stars whirl us into a hypnotic space where the veil is lifted and the Oracle speaks. It is a quiet consultation, still a whisper at the moment. I will be sure to keep you posted on what I find out.

Melody Phaneuf is a Boston Artist, well known for her evocative still life and landscape paintings. She has exhibited at Galerie Herouet in Paris, The National Arts Club in New York City, and with Art du Monde, a traveling exposition in Japan. Her paintings are regularly displayed at The Guild of Boston Artists, 162 Newbury Street, Boston, MA.

Phaneuf is a member of the Fenway Studios Cooperative, a community of artists whose historic north light building was modeled on the 19th century Parisian Ateliers. Visits to her studio are welcomed.

Oracle, by Melody Phaneuf, Oil Painting, 24 x 32

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