Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Certain Slant of Light

Have you noticed the subtle shift in the summer light? As an artist and plein-air painter, I am a sensitive observer of light and especially the sky. Yesterday, breath-taking formations of clouds led me home from the studio. And the air that night was just a little crisper. I am conscious that I am increasingly charmed by warmer tones, glimpses of gold and orange. And I might not paint the living room blue after all.

What I am doing is rearranging paintings and prints in my surroundings to herald the change. Color and light are transformative. Patterns formed by the interlocking light and shadow shapes evoke mood—sometimes serene, sometimes dramatic, but always captivating. As much as I will miss the summer sun, I am lured by the lengthening shadows to come.

End of Day, Gloucester, Limited Edition and Fine Art Tiles


Kenny said...

I love "listening" to art. I'm going to have to look up "plein- air" painting.

artloverworldover said...

Beautiful work -- very special qualities.

newenglander said...

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